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Tomi City Style Green Tourism

About Green Tourism


What is Green Tourism?

Green Tourism is “leisure activities such as having a leisurely stay in a rich agricultural, mountain or fishing village, touching nature, culture, lifestyle, and local charm through exchanges with people in that area, or enjoying various experiences in those villages.” Green Tourism is widely established among urban residents of Western European countries such as England, France and Germany.

In recent years in Japan, travelers have come to desire experiences unique to that land and also journeys where they can enjoy interactions with local people. There is growing interest in agricultural, mountain or fishing villages which offer many charms such as abundant nature, relaxing enjoyment of the four seasons, unique foods and traditional cultures.

How about experiencing Green Tourism in Tomi City?

Tomi City Style Green Tourism

Tomi City broadly grasps the meaning of Green Tourism and has prepared various plans for experiencing Green Tourism, from harvesting fruits and vegetables, to cultural experiences of rural villages, to futuristic farming and even to immigrating to Tomi City for agricultural, forestry and fishery experiences.

User Guide


STEP 1: Application
From the Green Tourism plan list page, please select the plan that you would like to experience.
When the plan is decided, please apply to the Tomi City Tourist Association by phone or using the application form below.
Telephone: 0268-67-1034
Tomi City Style Green Tourism Application Form (Link to Japanese Site)

STEP 2: Confirmation of Acceptance
The Tomi City Tourist Association will reply regarding whether or not your application has been accepted.

STEP 3: On the Appointed Day
Once your participation is confirmed and the appointed day has arrived, please pay the appropriate fee to the experience plan provider.
(※ Cash is required as a general rule.)


Inquiries and Consultation

Applications for experience plans, inquiries and consultations will be accepted by a tourism official of the Tomi City Tourist Association. Please feel free to contact us for consultation or for offering advice when you are in any of the following situations:

Telephone: 0268-67-1034

You would like to know more about the experience plans
You want to adjust the schedule of your travel and experience plan
You would like to use more than one experience plan
The plan you want to experience is not posted on the homepage
You want to do sightseeing while using an experience plan
You would like us to introduce meals and accommodation facilities


About Accident Insurance, Damage Insurance, and Disclaimers
For experience plans that are not listed as having accident insurance or damage insurance on the experience plan introduction page, they basically do not include accident insurance or damage insurance. We recommend you join domestic travel insurance beforehand.

Incidentally, Tomi City and the Tomi City Tourism Association take no responsibility for troubles, damages, loss, injuries, etc. that occurred while experiencing Green Tourism.


Green Tourism Benefits
The cottages of Art Village Park are available at low prices. Those who use the Tomi City Green Tourism Experience Program can use inexpensive agriculture and forestry experience facilities that are located at Art Village Park (the number of buildings is limited).

Usage fees
· 1 building charge (up to 4 people)
Regular fee: 12,000 yen Green tourism users: 3,000 yen

· 1 building charge (August only)
Regular fee: 15,000 yen Green tourism users: 3,000 yen

· For every extra person (up to 8 people)
Regular fee: 1,500 yen Green tourism users: 500 yen

· Heating costs (October to June)
Regular fee: 1,500 yen Green tourism users: free

“Art Village Park,” where the cottages are located, has a hotel called “Myojinkan” which offers hot springs (with a day visit option) and a restaurant, and also a campground and a barbecue place (fee required), etc.

Cottage Facilities

Bedding (including sheets / pillowcases), toilets, unit baths, kitchens, cookware / dishes, rice cookers, IH cooking heaters, microwave ovens, refrigerators, washing machines
(Please prepare your own towels, toothbrushes and so on, though some of these things are on sale at Myojinkan. For details, please contact Myojinkan.)

Reservation and Check-in for Cottage Use
Cottage management and reception are handled at Myojinkan, so please make reservations.
(At that time please explain that you are using the cottage in association with an experience plan.)
Please present your “Tomi City Style Green Tourism Experience Certificate”, issued by the experience providers, when you check-in at Myojinkan. (When using the cottage before the experience, please inform us of the experience plan’s name and the experience provider’s name at the time of check in.)

Access to Myojinkan, Etc.
Address:1806-1 Yaehara, Tōmi-shi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan 389-0406(Art Village Park)


Q: What kind of place is Tomi City?
A: It is a beautiful city blessed with rich climate and history with an altitude difference of 1,500 m located in the eastern part of Nagano Prefecture.

The Hokkoku Kaidō highway Unnojuku, selected as one of “Japan’s Hundred Best Roads”, retains the aspect of the Edo period, and now it is a key point of sightseeing.

The Joshinetsu Kogen National Park, which is located in the north part of the city, has
“Yunomaru Highland” which is familiar as a “flower plateau” and is great for flower trekking. It has treasure troves of various types of alpine plants such as a large population of Japanese azalea,
komakusa, irises, and scabiosa.

Tomi City is 2 hours by car from Nerima IC, 1 hour and 30 minutes by Shinkansen from Tokyo, 3 hours by car from Komaki JCT, and 3 hours and 30 minutes by train from Osaka. It is a good countryside area that is close to urban areas, and gets a lot of sun with little snow.


Q: Please tell me about agricultural products, etc, in Tomi City.

A: In addition to grapes, walnuts, white soil and corn, several wineries have been established in recent years, and wines made using local grapes and so on are also available.


Q: I would like to stay for about a week and participate in an experience plan, but are there economical accommodations?

A: If you use an experience plan, you can use the cottages of Art Village Park at a discount.
For details, please see the “Green Tourism Benefits” section above.


Q: When participating in an experience plan, is there anything I need?

A: Please refer to the introduction page of the experience plan for recommended clothes and personal belongings, etc. In addition, experience plans that are not listed as having accident insurance or damage insurance on the experience plan introduction page basically do not include accident insurance or damage insurance. We recommend you join domestic travel insurance beforehand.