Unnojuku History Museum

Unnojuku Unnojuku History Museum

Unnojuku History Museum

A building built during the Kansei years of the Edo period (around 1790) is used unchanged as a museum. The building is unique to Unnojuku in that it combines the features of the Hatagoya-style with features of sericulture farms from the Meiji period.
The natural features, history and materials of Unnojuku are exhibited.

Admission fee
Adults (including high school and university students) individuals 200 yen, groups (20 or more) 150 yen Children (elementary / junior high school students) Individuals 100 yen, groups (20 or more) 50 yen


Open hours
9 am - 5 pm (from October to December until 4 pm)


December 21 to the end of February